how to write a cover letter

10 Tips to Craft Your Cover Letter

You hate your job and are looking for a new opportunity. In this case, most people are looking for a speedy application approach which means uploading your resume to a job site and clicking apply to anything that remotely seems…

establishing the right tone

Set the right tone in your writing

That’s not the right tone – I can’t tell you how many times that I’ve heard this. Then again, when you work at an agency and your client’s products range from scientific instruments to shingles tone can definitely be a…

7 Simple Ways to Improve Your Headlines

7 Simple Ways to Improve Your Headlines

What’s the best way to capture your audience’s attention? An awesome headline. We’re not talking clickbait and false promises here. We’re talking problem solving, benefit driven, accurate headlines. They’re important – and there’s a long list why. One study suggests…