reasons designers leave their job

The Top 3 Reasons a Designer Leaves their Job

I have always felt that as designers we mold ourselves and our creativity to have a career and make a decent living. I am not complaining – I mean the fact that I can get paid and still be creative is amazing. However, sometimes the sacrifice is not worth the reward.

Here are the top 3 reasons a designer leaves their job – unfortunately speaking from experience.

#1 They don’t get to be creative.

This one might seem strange to a non-creative person, however it is very true. There is a large spectrum when it comes to creative tasks designers are presented with. If a designer does not get the opportunity to work on meatier projects like concept work, brand development, or functionality for an exciting new digital project – we find ourselves feeling bored and unchallenged. I understand, these kinds of projects don’t always come rolling through the door, but if a designer is sitting around making copy edits all day –  don’t be surprised when they start looking for opportunities elsewhere.

#2 They are being micromanaged.

If you are a designer, you know that the creative process doesn’t happen instantly. There have been actual moments when I look at a design I am working on and think this looks absolutely terrible. Designers need time to work through their process, and there is absolutely nothing worse for a designer than someone breathing down their neck. Trust in the process, let your designer breathe, and wait until they are ready to present their work and receive feedback before you start looking over their shoulder.

#3 Creativity is undervalued.

I am truly surprised at how many times I have experienced this. For some reason there is a good percentage of people out there that don’t value design and the imperative role it plays. It is often the perception that design is easy, that it just involves making things look pretty. This is the farthest from the truth. Designers have the task of bringing a small morsel of an idea or a crappy written creative brief a visual identity. Undervaluing your designer and the creative process is guaranteed the quickest way to make your designer run for the hills.

Although I could delve deeper into this topic, these are in my opinion the top 3 reasons why a designer walks out the door. For creatives out there, it can be difficult to snag that dream job but don’t give up they do exist. For employers of creatives, if you find yourself guilty of the above – I advise you to step back and reevaluate how you are working with your designer.




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